A variety of clubs are offered to primary students during one hour of the school week. Students usually change their selection each trimester, to experience a variety of different activities.  Students may choose from a variety of activities that typically target sport, creativity or academic learning, such as cooking, swimming, athletics, science or crafts.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in additional activities after school, such as gymnastics or swimming, with parental consent and suitable transportation arrangements.



21 Jan - 21 Feb

24 Jan Ed-Ex: R1 & R2
26 Jan Ed-Ex: Year 1
30 Jan Assessment Workshop for Primary Parents (Years 1 to 6) @ 14:00
1 Feb Tea time with the Principal @ 14:15
1 Feb Ed-Ex: Year 2
10 Feb Parent Consultation Day
14 Feb Ed-Ex: Year 4
15 Feb Mid-Term Break Feb 15-16
  • University of Cambridge International Examinations
  • Council of International Schools
  • European Council of International Schools


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