Bilintur, our catering company, has a competent staff and nutritionist providing healthy snacks to students each morning and delicious lunches each day in the Cafeteria.  A soup and salad bar complements the daily lunches, and the catering company endeavours to have international cuisine represented as often as possible. The kitchen has been newly renovated in order for fresh and hot lunches to be prepared on site.  The Nutrition Committee meets to discuss and review the menus, which are published for families and faculty each month.

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18 Nov - 18 Dec

20 Nov the Interculturalism poster competition Assembly
24 Nov Teacher's Day
27 Nov Ed-Ex: Y10-13 (Nov 27-29)
6 Dec Nutrition Committee Meeting
6 Dec Special Needs School's visit
9 Dec Winter Bazaar
11 Dec Ed-Ex: Swimming Races at MEFIS Istanbul
12 Dec Tea Time with Principal
13 Dec Secondary Science Fair Y7-11
  • University of Cambridge International Examinations
  • Council of International Schools
  • European Council of International Schools


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