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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - September 8, 2017


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Message from the Principal
Primary News
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Message from the Counselor
Parent Council Coffee Morning

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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

We had a great family orientation day with many families new and returning attending. It was particularly nice to see returning students prefering to be with us instead of spending their last day of their holidays doing something else.

Our first day back at school started with a whole school assembly. I always take great pleasure from seeing all our students together. It reminded me, once again, of how small and close knit a community we are. I wish all our students, parents and faculty a wonderful and rewarding 2017-2018 academic year.

Warm regards,

Ulfet Okbay


Primary News

Dear Parents,

Welcome to MEF IS; it was a great pleasure to see new and returning students full of energy and enthusiasm.

If you could not attend the academic presentations last Tuesday during our Orientation Morning, please click here for Lower Primary and click here for Upper Primary. I am available to answer any of your questions or concerns; you can email me at or just drop in to my office if you are in school.

This week students have started settling into their classrooms, and getting to know their teachers and peers; our Counsellor, Ms Leslie, has been visiting the Primary classrooms to observe students and support teachers and students in getting used to each other.

All students have been tested this week in Maths and English; the results of these diagnostic tests will be shared by the teachers with me on Monday, so next week I will be able to send them home to you. Based on these results, some students will be attending the English Support and/or the Additional Support lessons, others will be able to start studying an Additional Language (French, Spanish or Turkish).

The teachers have uploaded their welcome letters and stationery lists to their Google sites; you/your child should be receiving an invitation to access the site, where there are links to specialists' classes too. If you have difficulties accessing the site, please let me know.

I wish every one of you a pleasant weekend and a successful academic year.

Sara Borgarelli

Deputy Principal (Primary School)

Secondary News


Welcome to our new and returning students for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. 

If you would like to review the presentation for introduction to secondary, please follow the link provided. 

Introduction to secondary<wbr></wbr>id=1vhfwxWaYYxv9AU89CdIlKNKln-<wbr></wbr>HfvNEHCGYIXi4amLg

Exam Results

MEF students achieved some good results in the external examinations last year. 

In year 6 checkpoint, three students achieved the highest possible grade, Anatola - English, Elena - English 2nd Language, and Kyle - Mathematics and Science. 

In year 9 checkpoint, Ella and Ines achieved the highest grade in Mathematics.

At IGCSE, Raul received a distinction award for his overall achievement in the International Certificate of Education (ICE) award. Additionally, seven students achieved Merit awards.

Congratulations to all our students on their examination success. 

Official statements of results for IGCSE, AS and A level are available for collection from Ms Selin Belik.

Edria Murray

Deputy Principal (Secondary School) 

Message from the Counselor

I am Leslie, the new MEFIS Izmir counselor. I’ve been a counselor in many schools all over the world includıng Hong Kong Internatıonal School and The American School in London. I am half British and half American, am married, with 2 children, born in Saudi Arabia and on Mt. Fuji in Japan. They were educated in internatıonal schools and are now teachers themselves. I also have 3 grandchildren. I look forward very much to getting to know both you and your children this year.  My weekly column will take the form of a ‘Dear Leslie’ letter from parents or students. If you want to write to me at: of course I won’t mention your name.

Dear Leslie,

It is always so hard at the start of a new school year. My children are nervous and stressed which makes me feel the same way and I‘m not sure about the best way to handle it. I want to make them feel better!  I would appreciate some help.


Stressed about the start of school


Dear Stressed about the start of school,

Facing the unknown is always hard whether we know a school well or are new to it.  First, ask how your child is feeling about going back to school. Some parents mistakenly tell their children not to be scared, not to be upset instead of just listening to how their children actually feel. If your child is having trouble talking about their feelings you might say, “Lots of children feel sad or scared about school. Are you feeling something like that? I can understand that it is always a big step.” Once their feelings are out in the open and they realize others may feel the same they will be more able to take in your words of encouragement and reassurance.

Also encourage them to be especially kind and friendly to new students as this will help to take the focus off their own feelings of insecurity.

Hope that helps,

Leslie Corsos

Parent Council Coffee Morning

Dear Parents,

First of all, welcome back to school to old MEF families, but in particular an especially warm welcome to all the new families that have arrived this summer.

The MEF Parent Council would like to invite you all for a coffee/tea get together at MEF International school on Thursday 21st of September at 10 am.

The purpose of the MEF Parent Council is to promote the cooperation between parents and the school (administration and teachers) for the well-being of MEF International School. We concern ourselves with the welfare of the children and organise social, educational and fund-raising activities.

We need new recruits, so please think about if you can be a volunteer and join us. We would very much like to have new members on-board. 
I would like to emphasise that this is your opportunity to get personally engaged in the welfare of your children. 
We will keep the positive energy going and look forward to see as many parents as possible on the 21st this month.

On behalf of the MEF Parent Council

Berit Bade




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