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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - October 14, 2016


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Message from The Principal
Primary News
Secondary News
From the Community Service Director
Sports Day (Year 1-6)
From the Parent Council
From the Counselor

Coming Events


29 Performing Art Show 13:00 - 14:30
30 Primary Science Fair @ 14:10 for Years 1 to 6
30 R1 assembly @ 9:00 in the gym


01 Ed-Ex: Year 6
07 Year 13 Graduation @ 18:00
08 Year 6 Graduation @ 14:10
11 R2 Graduation @ 14:15
12 Talent Show @ 13:00 in the gym
12 Gymnastics Display @ 15:00 (CLUB)
13 Last Day of the Students & Final Report Cards @ 13:00

October Menu


Salad Bar





Greenhouse magazines and order forms were distributed among Primary students this week. Please bear in mind that the main interest level of this Book Club is Primary Years, therefore only students attending classes from Reception to Year 6 were given magazines. If you are interested in taking part in this Book Club but have no children attending Primary, let us know and we will gladly provide you with one copy of the magazine. Be kindly reminded that the last day to return forms to school is Monday, October 24th. We cannot accept any late forms. Thank you!

Message from The Principal

Dear Parents,

As you all probably know by now, we have Parent Consultations this coming week. On Thursday (from 15:30 - 18:30) and Friday (all day) our teachers will be available to meet with you and discuss your child’s progress to date. Please allow me to remind you that Friday is not a regular school day for students. So if necessary, please don’t forget to make arrangements for child care. I know that many of you have made appointments but if you have still to do so, the form found HERE should be returned to school on Monday, 17th October at the latest. I ask that, out of respect for other parents, you do not come to the consultations without appointments.

These consultations provide a valuable opportunity for teachers and parents to come together, communicate and work in partnership to further their child’s education. Although attendance of primary students is optional, secondary students are expected to be at the consultations. After all, they are the ones being spoken about! We believe that there will be greater understanding and more beneficial conversations when all three parties are present.

I look forward to seeing you at the consultations.

Kind regards,

Ulfet Okbay

Primary News

This week Year 2 students supported the Community Service initiative set up by Miss Aysin by making iced biscuits for her to sell at the Friday bake sale whose profits will benefit the local LOSEV Leukemia Association. 

Year 2 students have been studying materials and the changes in materials in Science, so making the coloured icing was an ideal learning experience, and gave them an opportunity to practise making simple predictions about what will happen when different materials are combined.  They accurately predicted that the water, icing sugar and food colouring would make a paste that could not be returned to its original separate ingredients. They had fun working together and made 50 biscuits for sale! Well done to the children in Year 2! 

Secondary News

Subject focus - Information and Communications Technology

During ICT lessons, students have been developing their skills with computer applications. 
Year 7 has been learning about basic Microsoft Office programs such as Powerpoint, Access databases and Excel spreadsheets to become familiar with applications that are used in the workplace. 

The Year 8's and 9's are completing a project on E-Safety, learning about the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe, this is all being done whilst programming in HTML.

From the Community Service Director

The primary aim of this community service activity is to create awareness about how we live in relation to each other, and what skills are needed to respond to the needs of others, and to be sensitive towards the needs of the community and society we live in in general. We are planning to work with the non-governmental organizations (NGO) listed below, which are based in Izmir throughout this academic year. Our secondary students will be participating in a series of CS activities and fundraising.

Fridays will be a fund raising day for the whole school.  Secondary students will sell cookies and drinks during the lunch break every Friday. This trimester, the money will be used to buy some educational materials for the EÇEV schools in Izmir. Any donations (story books in English, educational board games for the Primary and Secondary school) will be greatly appreciated.

EÇEV schools (EGE ÇAĞDAŞ EĞİTİM VAKFI) aim at providing various educational activities for the children of more deprived families; besides supporting lessons in mainstream schools attended by these children, the volunteer teachers give extra lessons in English, Computers, Art and Sports.

LÖSEV  (LÖSEMİLİ ÇOCUKLAR VAKFI) is mainly aiming to provide educational and emotional support, financial assistance and health services for children who suffer from leukemia or chronic blood disorders, in order to help them cope with this life-threatening illness.

ODER (OTİZM DERNEĞİ) is mainly aiming to raise awareness of autism in the social and public sphere, and help ensure autistic children fully participate in the social, economic and cultural life in Izmir.

Ayşin Önder 

Community Service Director

Sports Day (Year 1-6)

We look forward to taking your children off campus on November 4th for our Sports Day event. If you haven't given permission for your child/ren to attend this excursion, though, and you keep them at home, please note that it will be recorded as an unexcused absence; if they come to school, they will complete quiet English and Maths work supervised, regardless of their age.


On October 31st students can come to school in a Halloween costume if they wish. Please, note that excessive displays of gore and blood, or toy weapons that can cause a safety hazard, like a sharp toy knife, are not allowed.

From the Parent Council

Thank you for joining our Coffee Morning today. Its was great to see so many of you. In the past year, the PC had a box for suggestions where parents could communicate their thoughts and concerns anonymously. This year, although we brought the box along to the meeting, we found we had no need for it. Thank you for being so passionate, honest, open and sharing. You contributions are valued greatly and we know that with your help we will be able to continue our good relationship and atmosphere with the school. This will help to make the environment for our children the best it can be.

From the Counselor

How to help kids make friends: 10 Evidence-based tips

Friendships are not made magically overnight. Some people find it easy and natural to meet others and establish relationships, but the truth is, it usually does take some effort to build meaningful friendships. Being in an international community outside your home country can definitely add some barriers when it comes to meeting people. For children it is the same and it can be challenging moving into a new school, new country, new life. Of course, there is a wonderful flip side to it which is how flexible and adaptable your children are likely to become and the opportunity of always adding more friends to their lives as they come and go. I always say that we do not lose true friends, even when you are apart. And the good news is that we can have an unlimited number of good friends!

This week I would like to share an article about helping kids make friends. Ph.D. author Gwen Dewar put together ten evidence-based tips you can follow to support your child in making friends. Some of the suggestions include talking about emotions and facial expressions, modelling politeness and taking turns listening and speaking, fostering empathy and concern for others, teaching children to observe and then encouraging them to join in social games.

You can access the full article here:

There are numerous parenting articles and books geared towards social skills, as well as materials designed for children. Remember, your child’s first and most important life-long relationships start at home, but connecting with peers, in school and out, is also important for a healthy social and emotional development. There is no need to be “popular” or outgoing, so respect your child’s personality and social style, while encouraging positive interactions with other children.

Ms. Carol 


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