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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - March 03, 2017


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Message from the Principal
Primary News
Secondary News
From Counselor

Coming Events


29 Performing Art Show 13:00 - 14:30
30 Primary Science Fair @ 14:10 for Years 1 to 6
30 R1 assembly @ 9:00 in the gym


01 Ed-Ex: Year 6
07 Year 13 Graduation @ 18:00
08 Year 6 Graduation @ 14:10
11 R2 Graduation @ 14:15
12 Talent Show @ 13:00 in the gym
12 Gymnastics Display @ 15:00 (CLUB)
13 Last Day of the Students & Final Report Cards @ 13:00

March Menu


Salad Bar




Book Day Primary Classes door decorations

Year 1 dolls from the unit 'People from the past'

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Although our upper secondary students have had a difficult and stressful week of exams, I have to say that I have had a wonderful one.

I went along to help the Year 1 students and their mums with the “Dress the Doll” activity. Getting a chance to do something creative again made me very happy. I also loved the camaraderie amongst the mums there as they supported and helped one another. More creativity was evident with the many spoons that were decorated to look like book characters. If you are able to come into school, please do walk along the primary corridor and see the wonderful display they make.

Later in the week, the middle school cookery club made me a very delicious pancake and then went on to make more to give to some of the other middle school students in different clubs. It was a lovely example of the sharing that happens here at MEFIS Izmir.

Finally, we had a fabulous book day which you can read more about in the primary section of this bulletin.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend (especially our upper secondary students!),

Ulfet Okbay

Primary News

On Thursday, March 2nd, we celebrated World Book Day in Primary. The teachers and students decorated their classroom doors on the theme of a book read in class; students donated book for our book sale, whose profits will benefit the LOSEV leukemia association; after lunch all Primary students in Years 1 to 6 took part in the activity: 'Drop Everything and Read'. Before lunch, Lower Secondary students spent 30 minutes of their time reading to the students in Reception 1 and 2. Most students came to school dressed in a book character costume; at the end of the day, we assembled in the gym for the Book Raffle led by Ms Ulfet Dumbledore!

Sara Borgarelli

Deputy Principal (Primary School)

Secondary News

Subject focus: English Language and Literature

For the last few weeks, Year 9 has been concentrating on grammar, spelling and punctuation, in preparation for the upcoming Checkpoint exams and next week’s unit test. We’ve also been learning how to write different text types such as persuasive speeches and diary entries; as well as improving our reading comprehension skills. We all want to improve our accuracy! 

Year 7 has been working on exploring elements of biographies and autobiographies. We looked at various examples - Nelson Mandela, Katharine Coleman Johnson, and others. The students made timelines based on what they read. This helped them understand how biographies are typically written. They then wrote their own autobiographies from the perspective of being seventy-five.

Now we are working on the elements of fairy tales. They will write and illustrate their own stories.

Year 8 just finished a magazine project where they made seven different pieces: cover, editorial, letter to the editor, main article, special feature, ads, and a pictorial page. We did debates as well, and now we are starting a school newspaper project

Examination Dates:

27 March: Applied ICT AS practical

29 March: Applied ICT A level practical

April 17-21:  Year 9 Checkpoint

May 2 - June 9: IGCSE, AS and A level examinations.

Edria Murray 

Deputy Principal (Secondary School) 

Magazine pages and covers by year 8.

From Counselor

Games/apps that teach empathy

Parents have a common concern about how much time their children spend on electronics iand the impact of electronics in their kids’ lives. There a sense that technology and electronic devices are keeping people from spending quality time together. Limiting screen time and providing balanced opportunities for children to experience different ways to play, independently and in groups, seems to be a good way to go.

There is no doubt kids and teens (and yes, us adults as well) love our electronics. And there is a lot we can achieve with it, from developing specific skills to entertainment. It is important to mediate your child’s choices and encourage the use of appropriate platforms.

On this link, you can find a list of games/apps that aim to promote empathy and teach about emotions: These can be good, especially if you find ways to play together and talk about the concepts presented. It can be a good conversation starter and give you some inspiration on how to help develop empathy from an early age.


Carolina Zambom Barboza

School Counsellor


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