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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - June 2, 2017


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Message from the Principal
Primary News
Secondary News
Message from the Counselor

Coming Events


29 Performing Art Show 13:00 - 14:30
30 Primary Science Fair @ 14:10 for Years 1 to 6
30 R1 assembly @ 9:00 in the gym


01 Ed-Ex: Year 6
07 Year 13 Graduation @ 18:00
08 Year 6 Graduation @ 14:10
11 R2 Graduation @ 14:15
12 Talent Show @ 13:00 in the gym
12 Gymnastics Display @ 15:00 (CLUB)
13 Last Day of the Students & Final Report Cards @ 13:00

June Menu


Salad Bar





* Please, send in by June 12th any textbook or reading book that your child may have at home since we are approaching the end of the school year and all books need to be returned to the library. 


Dear Parents and Students,

STUCO simply wanted to let you know that for the next two weeks the Tuck-shop will be having a SUMMER discount! on all their items.

The prices have changed to:

Mentos: 1Tl

Popcorn: 50krs

Capri-Sun: 1Tl

Chocolate bar: 1Tl

We pre-congratulate all of the Year 13 students which are graduating next Thursday and we wish them all the best in their future.

As we are finalizing the details for Prom, the invitations have been given out and we look forward to the event.

Warm Regards,


Library News

Dear Parents,

Summer vacation is almost here! We are pleased to announce that returning students will be able to borrow books from the library on Thursday, June 15th. This will help for sure to keep reading skills strong and learning fresh during summer time!

However, before letting the students check out books to enjoy during their holidays, we need to complete an end-of-the-year inventory in the library. In order to do so, we need all checked out books returned to the library by June 12th. 

In order to see what books are still outstanding go to Follett and log in to your child's library account.

Username:mefis_lib_(name of the student, lower case)

password: name of the student followed by the last letter of his/her last name, no spaces, lower case

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

We had a very impressive Performing Arts Show this past Wednesday. Our students from Reception 1 through to Year 9 participated and it was wonderful to see the array of talents they possess. We were happy to see that two of our Year 10 boys stepped in to help out. You showed great team spirit, Davide and Kike.

Thank you to all of you parents who came to watch. It made a huge difference to your children to have you there. We do apologise for the heat you had to endure which despite our best efforts we were not able to reduce. Please know that we are already thinking about how to avoid this discomfort next year.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ms. O. for all her dedication and efforts in bringing this event to life. Congratulations! It was a roaring success!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Ulfet Okbay

Primary News

Today students in Year 4 took part in an educational excursion organized by Miss Ayşin as part of the Host Country Studies course. HCS is a class that teaches about Turkey, its culture, history and some basic language. Ms Ayşin regularly organizes trips for all students she teaches, offering them an opportunity to practise the language learnt and experience the host culture by visiting local museums or historical sites. This Friday Year 4 students went to the Key Museum in Torbalı and then had a traditional pide lunch at the Ora Restaurant in Gaziemir. 

Going on a educational  excursion means more than simply leaving the school grounds and having a break from the school routine. When students and teachers are together outside the classroom, new educational environments and experiences are possible and students may have the opportunity to observe many things that are not available at school. Being away from the everyday atmosphere of the classroom gives students an opportunity to spend time with each other in a new environment. They may be able to connect on more of a personal level without the structure of the normal school day. Students may be able to spend much of the  trip day in small groups, observing, chatting and learning about each other. Excursions will often cater to more than one learning style, making them excellent teaching tools for certain students. Regular classroom lessons apply primarily to auditory learners, who learn best by listening. Visual learners can benefit from visual aids, which exist in the classroom, but are much more frequent during a trip. Finally, for more tactile physical learners, educational trips offer an uncommon opportunity to perform hands-on learning. By the end of the year in Primary we will have had eighteen educational excursions; each year group has been on at least two trips. 

Sara Borgarelli

Deputy Principal (Primary School)

Secondary News

Year 9: Hearnsey project 2030

The Y9 project was a cross curricular project aimed at Maths, Art, and ICT as well as Geography. Hearnsey Island is a fictitious island in the English channel. The groups were tasked to create a model, produce a powerpoint and write a written mandate as regards to which renewables they were going to use as the island looked to transition to 100% renewables by 2030. The groups were given guidelines and information in the project documents.They had a budget of $1,000,000,000 and had to work out the best way to power the island. 

Year 8: Historical Project

Students from year 8 were asked to investigate an article from history that intrigued them in the time period covered this year. They were asked to write a 3 page research paper, give a presentation, and of course, to build a 3D model of their topic.

Edria Murray

Deputy Principal (Secondary School) 

Message from the Counselor

“The end” and the beginnings

Like it or not, being in an international community comes with many goodbyes. Whether your family is leaving or staying for next school year, there will be changes around the corner for you and your kids. We get used to it, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Saying goodbyes, taking time to reflect on the positive impact someone has had in your life, acknowledging meaningful moments/memories and looking into what is ahead is important. As we reach the last two weeks of the school year, encourage your child to show their appreciation in whatever way they feel more comfortable. Writing a card or letter, making a special small gift, sharing pictures, being mindful about the quality of the time spent together can all be helpful strategies. Make sure to allow some space for sadness and frustration. It shows that it matters, that they care. It can be tough. At the same time, wishing well and planning for the future is also important in the process.

To share a practical example, in Year 6 this week we created an appreciation wall, as we celebrate the end of the school year and their last few weeks in together in Primary school. To encourage a positive reflection of their time together, students wrote messages to each other and to the whole class, and also shared special memories that they want to remember. It turned out to be a very nice visual reminder of how special each student in the class is, as they get ready for their graduation next week.

I can say that I am also experiencing the bittersweet feelings of moving on, as I prepare to start a new journey in Malaysia. I would like to extend my gratitude for sharing the past two years here at MEF IS Izmir and for the great privilege of getting to know your children and this beautiful community. MEF IS is forever in my heart!

Ms. Carolina


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