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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - December 02, 2016


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Message from the Principal
Primary News
Secondary News
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Coming Events


29 Performing Art Show 13:00 - 14:30
30 Primary Science Fair @ 14:10 for Years 1 to 6
30 R1 assembly @ 9:00 in the gym


01 Ed-Ex: Year 6
07 Year 13 Graduation @ 18:00
08 Year 6 Graduation @ 14:10
11 R2 Graduation @ 14:15
12 Talent Show @ 13:00 in the gym
12 Gymnastics Display @ 15:00 (CLUB)
13 Last Day of the Students & Final Report Cards @ 13:00

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Salad Bar




Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Now that upper secondary exams are over, all our teachers are busy preparing report cards. These progress reports will be given to all students to take home on December 16th. If your child will not be able to attend school on the last day of the trimester, and you wish to receive a scanned progress report by email, please contact Ms Selin. The print copy can then be collected in Trimester 2. In January there will be parent conferences, which offer an opportunity to discuss student learning face to face, or you may request special meetings, by appointment, though Ms Selin.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend,

Ulfet Okbay

Our full faculty including teachers, management, security, cleaning and office personnel received First Aid and Occupational Health and Safety Training last night.

Primary News

All students from Reception 1 to Year 6 go to the library every week in order to choose a reading book. Choosing a “good-fit book” to read is not always an easy task. We all have had the experience of wanting to read something but not being able to find the right book; it can be quite challenging for Primary students to choose the right book, sometimes because their literacy skills are not fully developed yet, sometimes because their level of English doesn't match their level of interest and understanding in their own mother tongue, sometimes simply because they may not know what kind of book they want to read. 

In the library, Miss Maria, our Librarian, and the classroom teacher guide and assist students in their choices, but always with the ultimate goal in mind of having students making decisions on their own about the books they want to read. In order to achieve this goal, we teach students to ask themselves questions about the books they choose before they take it home, following the I PICK chart (I for Independence; P for purpose; I for interest; C for Comprehension; K for knowing the vocabulary) and the 5 fingers rule (see picture below).  We also encourage students to recommend books to their peers and to do books reviews about their favorite books. This month, for example, students created a beautiful display where they posted their books reviews, so that everyone can see and use them to make informed decisions.The students love seeing their work posted on our “Book Reviews Autumn Tree”. 

Secondary News

Lycian Way excursion

IGCSE Physical Education students participated in an extended hike from 27 - 29 November. 

The Lycian Way fieldtrip was a brilliant outdoor experience for all involved. The first day the students got to grips with the local area around the Olympus ruins and beach front, as well as using their map and orienteering skills. 

On the second day the group rallied as Ms Samantha was very ill and unable to take part in the hike from Beycik to Olympus. The breathtaking views as well as challenging ascents and descents saw the group build camaraderie due to the range of hiking abilities. 

The third day will live long in the memory, with another 20km hike that saw us ascend over 600m in height in rain that can only be described as torrential. A nice shepherd let us take shelter in a tarpaulin hut before making the descent to the sea front close to Adrasan at which we were witness to the onset of a storm surge. 

Overall, the students had a great outdoor experience 

From the Counselor

Information Literacy and Online Safety

This week the Lower Secondary students participated in a special assembly session about Information Literacy and cyber safety, led by Mrs. Maria, school librarian and Ms. Carolina, school counselor. We started off with students teaming up to take an online survey using iPads. From that, we could address students’ knowledge and work on good research skills. We discussed how to evaluate both print and electronic sources of information, reliable educational websites and resources that go way deeper than a simple google search or Wikipedia page. There are multiple trustable links that can be found on the library page as well as access to our school’s subscription to Britannica Encyclopedia. Students also had an introduction to how to appropriately cite references and avoid plagiarism mistakes.

We will continue with a follow-up session for students to have the opportunity to practice their research skills and evaluate truth or false news reports. We will then expand the discussion into cyber safety, the importance of not sharing private information on public databases, the long lasting reach of social media and how filters can help avoid access to inappropriate content and other ways to stay safe online. 

Here you can find an interesting article from The Wall Street Journal called “Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake”, based on a Stanford<wbr></wbr>st-students-dont-know-when-new<wbr></wbr>s-is-fake-stanford-study-finds<wbr></wbr>-1479752576 . It is worth it discussing it with your child!


Ms. Carolina & Mrs. Maria


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