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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - April 28, 2017


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Message from the Principal
Primary News
Secondary News
From the Parent Council (Tombola)
Message from the Counselor

Coming Events


29 Performing Art Show 13:00 - 14:30
30 Primary Science Fair @ 14:10 for Years 1 to 6
30 R1 assembly @ 9:00 in the gym


01 Ed-Ex: Year 6
07 Year 13 Graduation @ 18:00
08 Year 6 Graduation @ 14:10
11 R2 Graduation @ 14:15
12 Talent Show @ 13:00 in the gym
12 Gymnastics Display @ 15:00 (CLUB)
13 Last Day of the Students & Final Report Cards @ 13:00

May Menu


Salad Bar





May 1st: This is just a reminder so that you are aware Monday is Labour Day, a day when crowds may gather, especially on the seafront in Alsancak, consulates recommend to avoid crowded places and popular tourist destinations. 

From Admissions: Dear Parents, For those families who are re-registering for next academic year and have not sent back the re-registration form, I would be very grateful if you could do so as soon as possible as this is now a Ministry of Education requirement.  If you are definitely leaving after this academic year, please return the withdrawal form.

Thank you very much for your kind attention to this matter.

Kind regards

Alison Yeşildağ

Message from the Principal

As you know, preparations are underway for the Gymnastics Show and the Spring Fair. We look forward to welcoming our families on May 13 between 10:00-14:00. Besides the stalls and vendors similar to the ones we have invited last December, there will be fun activities organised by Parent Council (including a bouncy castle), Student Council and the teachers. In particular, I would like to attract your attention to our book sale; if interested, you will be able to buy 2nd hand English, Maths and Science textbooks we no longer use in the classroom but that can be useful for revision at home. Can I also please remind you that our parents, children, students and visitors will need to pass through the security scanners as they arrive on campus; we thank you for your understanding of this requirement. Have a great extended weekend!

Ulfet Okbay


Primary News

Our students celebrated Earth Day on April 25th, by completing a series of outdoors activities: sorting rubbish, making skipping ropes out of recycled plastic bags, planting seedlings, making recycled art with old floppy disks and biodegradable flower pots out of old newspapers. Mr Ken also organized a Free Rice session; students played multiple choice free quiz games, and for every correct answer they chose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme. The Year 2 class is looking after the plants now, making sure they are watered regularly, and students have been enjoying skipping in the garden with the recycled skipping ropes they made.

Just a reminder before wishing you all a nice weekend; as the weather is getting warmer, please, make sure your child has a water bottle with them every day. If your child is wearing sandals, please make sure that they are comfortable and suitable for running and jumping during break times, to avoid tripping accidents.

Sara Borgarelli

Deputy Principal (Primary School)

Secondary News

IZTECH field trip

Last week Science students in Year 12 and 13 have had the chance to visit Institute of Technology (Iztech) in Urla. Iztech is a public research university in İzmir which maintains a strong emphasis on the natural sciences and engineering and is the only institute of its kind in Turkey with a special focus on scientific research.

Students moved through different departments attending detailed explanation in the all three sciences. In biology they had the fortune to look in genetically modified plants, electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction; in chemistry, polymerisation reaction and polymer caractherization, and in physics they could see a trasmission electron microscopy in action. In all laboratoies they had the opportunity to ask questions and get detailed answers.

This field trip was organized by the Secondary Science Department, to provide students an opportunity to see a University environment and a moment to appreciate the relevance and importance of what they learn in the classroom in a different context and involve them in advanced lectures and practical experiments.

Edria Murray 

Deputy Principal (Secondary School) 

From the Parent Council (Tombola)

Dear Parents,
The Parent Council will be having a Tombola at this year's Spring Fair as usual. To make it a huge success we kindly ask from all our parents from Rec 1 to Year 13  to send donations. Please send your donations to Miss Selin.

Here are some suggestions as to what you could contribute:

- A bottle (Anything contained in a bottle; it doesn't just have to be wine! Bubbles, liquid soap, lotion etc. are great too)

- Chocolate

- New toys

- Food: anything yummy!

- soaps, bath products, perfumes

- New books

- Seasonal gifts 

If you could wrap your contribution, we would be extremely grateful. 
Thanks in advance for your support. 

Note: If you would like to help us at the event please contact us.

Please make sure you're free on Saturday, 28 of May because the  Parent Council wants to invite all of you parents to a nice Turkish Kahvaltı to say thank you for your support. 

Message from the Counselor

10 things to say instead of “stop crying”

Here are ten ideas to help adults support children in accepting and understanding their emotions. Rushing into trying to “make it stop”, especially when we face intense feelings of sadness or anger, can keep us from taking a good opportunity to foster emotional intelligence in our kids. It all starts with acknowledging feelings and embracing it. Avoid the natural first impulse to “fix it”, and try out some of the suggestions below. These are great for all ages, including adults!

You can find the full article here:

Carolina Zambom Barboza

School Counsellor


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