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Welcome to 2015 - 2016


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Principal's Greeting
From the Primary Deputy Principal
Diagnostic Assessments
From Secondary Deputy Principal
Transportation - From the Deputy Principal (Administrative)
From the Counsellor
From the Admissions Officer

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Principal's Greeting

Vanessa Giraud

It is a great pleasure to welcome incoming and  returning  families to MEF International School Izmir.

Our incoming teachers arrived in mid August, bringing with them a wealth of prior teaching experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm. For the last two weeks, all of our teachers have been working hard to plan and prepare classrooms. In addition to learning from our colleagues who delivered instructive workshops on assessment, health and safety issues, and using technology,  we had an intense training day with a visiting teacher-trainer from the UK. 

Over the summer there has been a lot of activity on campus. The cafeteria has been extended, so there is more room for our students as well as an attractive terrace leading to the library.  The pool has been renovated with new safety tiles around the edge and it has been totally re-grouted. An improved air-conditioning system has been installed in the pool and the gym, and the school heating system has been refurbished.Unfortunately some aspects of our school improvements have been delayed. Currently the Conference Hall is out of use as it is being remodelled. The new play equipment for the Early Years garden and the main garden has not yet arrived from the UK, but the company we are working with is providing a temporary alternative for the Early Years garden. As usual, there has also been a lot of painting and checking of repairs. It's been busy!

 Our school without students feels so empty we're excited to begin the new academic year and can't wait for the students to arrive! 

From the Primary Deputy Principal

Sara Borgarelli

Dear new and returning parents,

Welcome to MEF IS Izmir! My name is Sara Borgarelli, I am from Italy and I have two children at the school. I have been appointed as the Deputy Principal for the Primary division, and I am also the Volunteer Liaison and deal with concerns to do with the catering at the school. 

I would like to start this academic year by congratulating our Year students who are moving to Secondary this year; in particular, I would like to mention those who achieved the highest possible score in their Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations: Baptiste Sirvente (Science), Bartosz Czernyhowski (Maths and Science), Caitlyn Clarisse (English, Maths and Science), Dennis D'Haese (Science), Eduardo Vergara Borruey (Maths and Science), Elizabeth Forward (Maths and Science), Ivan Chernov (Science), Hugo Palacios Carranza (Science), Miguel Saenz Martinez (Science).

You will be receiving a timetable from the classroom teachers but changes may still happen within the first couple of weeks. This year, to allow class teachers to use their lesson time more efficiently and maximize student learning time, Additional Language hours for Years 3 to 6 will no longer be slit into 30 minute sessions, but delivered as two full hours a week. 

I wish all of your children a pleasant and successful academic year, and look forward to working with you all. 

Diagnostic Assessments

In order to make progress, students need to know where they are in their learning, and teachers need this information to be able to plan accordingly and meet the students' academic needs. This is why we carry out diagnostic assessments in Maths and English the first week of school.
All new students in Years 4 to 9 will be assessed for Maths on Wednesday, September 2nd. All new students in Years 4 to 9 will be assessed for English First Language or English Support on Thursday, September 3rd. 
Returning students who attended the English Support classes last year will be given an English First Language test to check whether they are ready to exit the ES programme and join the mainstream English classes, or not. Results will be sheared with the parents the week of September 7th. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact either Miss Edria Murray (Secondary Deputy), or myself, Sara Borgarelli (Primary Deputy).

From Secondary Deputy Principal

Edria Murray

A warm welcome to our Secondary learners.

Secondary School Stationery List:

Upper secondary students should confirm their course selections before purchasing stationery but are encouraged to come to lessons with the correct materials and notebooks as soon as possible. The secondary school stationery list is here.

Cambridge International Examination results:

Our students achieved some very good results this year.  

The pass rate at AS and A level increased slightly over last year, continuing the trend of the last few years.

This year saw an increase in higher grades at IGCSE level. The proportion of A and A* grades awarded to our students increased by 20 percentage points over last year. 

Our students achieved better results over more subjects.

The European standard at IGCSE is 5 subjects with C grades or higher. Our students entered at least 7 courses.

The following students passed at least 9 IGCSEs with C or better.

Madeliene Tea, Bruzzese  (9), Gloria Minerva Garcia Conesa (9), Marco Vögeli (9), Mariano Alonso Larraz (10) and Margarita Saenz Martinez (11). 

The Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE) awards high academic achievement across all subjects.  This year, four students were awarded Distinction in the ICE. Mariano Alonso Larraz, Marco Vögeli, Madeliene Tea Bruzzese and Margarita Saenz Martinez.

In Year 9 Checkpoint, three students achieved the highest possible grade in Mathematics: Kiavash Nazari, Kacper Ciborowski and Raul Sanchez Mir.

Congratulations to our students, and we look forward to new challenges!

Transportation - From the Deputy Principal (Administrative)

Ersoy Filiz

Dear Parents,

A note about the first day of school: Tuesday 1st September.

Parents must make arrangements to drop off children at school in the morning.

The children using the service bus are taken home by bus in the afternoon. 

If you have not arranged the transportation for your child/ren, please meet with the bus company representatives at school on the Family Orientation Day (Monday August 31).

Regarding transportation arrangement for 2015-16 academic year, we would like to confirm that the school will be working with the Bozşahinler Bus Company. This company was selected by a long process which requires 7-8 different tenders from reputable bus companies working with other private schools in Izmir. The aim is to provide a quality service at a convenient price for our students and parents. This year, Parent Council members took an active role in the process and details of the tenders were shared with all MEFIS parents. As a result of final negotiations, conducted by the Arıkanlı Holding Purchase Department, Bozşahinler Bus Company agreed to charge last year's prices, as well as providing free buses with hostesses for the after school clubs from Monday to Friday. 

Although the school asked the bus companies to base their tenders on the Izmir Transportation Board's (Şoförler ve Otomobilciler Esnaf Odası) annual tariff, unfortunately not one bus company was able to do so and they all pointed out three main reasons which are: the low student number of users compared to the other schools, the compulsory "S" licence plate (apparently there are limited S plate numbers at the moment thus it is costing them around 150.000-180.000 TL for each service bus) and not being able to work efficiently with factories after they drop off the students.

Thank you for your understanding.

From the Counsellor

Carolina Barboza

Dear MEFIS Izmir community,

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Carolina Barboza (or just “Ms. Carol!”), and I am the new Counsellor at MEFIS.

I was born and raised in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil. I hold a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education, and I am a certified International School Counsellor. At MEFIS Izmir I will be working with all students, from Reception to year 13. I will also support the Secondary students and families with their career and college planning.

I will be working very closely with teachers and parents, to help promote a healthy physical, social, emotional and academic development for all students. In the next few weeks I will be visiting the classrooms to get to know the children and prepare interventions for grade levels, groups and individual students.

I strongly believe that families and school should be partners. It is by working together that we can achieve the very best for our children. I will also be sharing information and resources about how you can support your child’s development at home and in school.

If you are a returning family, I would love to learn more about the school, the community and your experience here. And, for the new families, please know that you are not alone, as I am also starting a new chapter in my life in Turkey!

I am very excited to be in Izmir and MEFIS. Turkey has already given me a wonderful, welcoming start. I am also very proud to be joining the school - I have heard so many great things about our students, teachers and parents!

Please feel free to contact me at any time. My e-mail address is, and my office is located on the second floor of the A building, room 204.

Hope to meet you soon!  I am looking forward to a great year together!

Ms. Carol

From the Admissions Officer

Alison Yeşildağ

Dear Parents,

Due to a change in our accounting procedure, with effect from 1 September all payments made into the school's bank account will have to include a student number.

Therefore payments being sent to the bank directly will have to be sent separately for each student.  Without this number the payment will not be accepted by the bank.

Please contact me for the unique number for your child/ren.

With kind regards

Alison Yeşildağ

Admissions Officer


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