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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - September 4, 2015


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Message from the Principal
Transportation Reminder
Primary News
Dress Code
Secondary News
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Message from the Principal

It has been wonderful to have our students back in school this week. Now the excitement of seeing new/old friends has subsided, assessments have taken place, timetables and subject choices have been finalised. Serious learning has already started!

If you have a question or concern about your child's schedule or courses, especially subject or language allocations, please direct those by email to the Deputy Principal of either Secondary (Ms Edria) or Primary (Ms Sara) as appropriate. Questions regarding your child/rens lesson content or classroom learning are best directed first to the teacher, and then to a Deputy if the answer is not satisfactory. By channeling communication, we hope to avoid misunderstandings.

In Turkey, family breakfasts, with a large spread of food, are a tradition. On Saturday 12th September, we look forward to welcoming families into school to enjoy the garden, play and socialise between 10:00 and 12:00. 

Transportation Reminder

Please inform Selin Belik in advance if your child is not going to be on their usual bus at 15:15. In addition, if your child is going on a different bus to a friend’s house, you should always check with Ms Selin that there are available seats. 

Her e-mail: 

School Phone: 0 232 -  274 74 74 / ext: 145

Primary News

Dear Parents,

Time flies... the first week of school has already come to an end, and I hope your children have come home with lots of good memories. 

From next Friday, September 11th, students in Year 1 to 6 will receive homework. Teachers give two kinds of homework: daily homework and consolidation homework.

Daily homework consists mainly of daily reading and spelling, which can start a little later for younger students who have just started to learn how to read and write. Once students start receiving spelling lists, the teacher gives them a spelling test in class every week. Once the students start receiving reading books, please fill in and sign their reading logs.

Consolidation homework goes home on Fridays, and it is due the following Wednesday. It generally consists of English or English Support (ES) and Maths work that consolidates what studied in class during that week. Sometimes teachers can give Science homework, or a Social Studies project. Occasionally specialists will also send home some homework, like a drawing project, a sports research, or a song to memorize.

This week you will be receiving a paper edition of the Class News  because we are in the process of setting up student email accounts; from next Friday, though, electronic copies only will be available for you to view on your child's Google site. If you experience difficulties accessing the site, please let your child's classroom teacher know immediately. It is important you check for updates every Friday since all communications regarding homework instructions and topics covered during the week will be published there.

In order for the teachers to be able to meet the students’ individual needs both in the classroom and at home, all new students in Year 4 to 6 have been sitting a Mathematics and English/ES assessments. Returning students who were receiving English Support last year have sat a First Language test in order to ascertain whether they are ready to exit the ES programme. Test results will be shared with you next week but, please contact me if you want to see the papers. If a student's English is still developing, we recommend they do not take up another language but that they receive Additional English Support during the Additional Languages hours. 

I wish everyone a good relaxing weekend.

Sara Borgarelli

Deputy Principal (Primary School)

Dress Code

Please find here a presentation shown to Secondary students to help them make appropriate choices about what to wear to school. Primary parents may also find the guidelines useful.



Secondary News

Course Changes
The last day for course changes in upper secondary is Friday 11 September.Students are reminded that the schedule is now fixed and course changes can only occur if they are possible within the existing structure. 
Students who wish to change courses must have their parent's permission to do so. From 14 September, changes will no longer be possible. 

October / November Retake examinations
Students in year 12 and 13 who are considering retake examinations for IGCSE should return their form by 14 September
Retake examinations are recommended for the following reasons:

1.    The student is following an AS level course and received a grade lower than a C at IGCSE in that course.

2.    The student wants to improve a D grade to a C grade

3.    The student wants to improve on an AS grade and will NOT be continuing the course to A level.

4.    The student is in year 13, has not taken the ESL examination and requires proof of English for university entrance.

Retake examinations are NOT recommended for students following A level courses as completing the full A level (including the AS section) in June will result in higher achievement. 

Edria Murray

Deputy Principal (Secondary School)

From the Counselor

Message from the Counselor
I had a great time in this first week of school, meeting our students and some of the parents. There were a few tears, but mostly happy faces and excitement for being back to school. I found our students to be extremely caring and welcoming. 
This week I heard a funny conversation between a parent and his son about the first day of school. Children will often respond with a simple "OK" or "good" (if we are lucky!). The most popular responses to "what have you done/learned today" usually go in the lines of "nothing" or "I don't remember". Believe me, your children experience A LOT in one day of school!! Sometimes they just don't like to or don't know how to share it. It's all about how we ask questions and encourage children to reflect and communicate effectively.
Below you can find some good ideas to start these conversations with your child. If you would like to share some of your child's most interesting responses, please email it to me and I will include it in the next newsletter. Have fun!





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