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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - February 26, 2016


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Message from the Principal

We value highly the contribution that members of Parent Council make to our school community. I would like to thank Laura, Nesligul, Zeynep and  Cec (our just retired President, Treasurers and Secretary) for their service. The Parent Council works hard as the voice for all of our parents as well as spending time working on the organisation of family events, such as the Welcome Breakfast, way back in September, and the Winter Fair. Please see below a letter from our incoming President on behalf of the newly reformed Parent Council. Today they arranged a coffee morning and work has already started for the Spring Fair on 7th May.

Primary News

A round of applause to the Year 3 students for their fantastic assembly last Monday, February 22nd, and huge thanks to Miss Gail for preparing them so well! The students did a presentation on topics covered in Science, English and Maths, and finished with a dance learnt in P.E. on the music 'Rock Around the Clock'.
They started with Science, with the topic 'Introduction to Forces', where they have been working on investigations to do with forces and friction. The students demonstrated an investigation, recorded the results and make a conclusion, whilst also highlighting the importance of it being a fair test. Then they moved on to English. The children had really enjoyed our topic of Myths and Legends. They read a character description of Perseus that had been written by Kaan Meler; Radek Tomas was on stage as Perseus, Silver Land was Hermes and Cristina Montenegro was Athene. Then they read the story of Perseus and Medusa - it was a version of the story that had been written by Daniel Labarga. The reading was accompanied by shadow puppets.

The last part of the assembly was dedicated to Maths, and specifically adding and subtracting pairs of 2-digit numbers. The students did a little puzzle activity where the audience had to identify pairs of numbers from a selection shown that made a given total. It was exactly like work they had done in class. Yunah Lee had whizzed through this work in class so she presented it whilst wearing the 'Sparkling Hat of Cleverness'. If someone in the audience could answer the question, then they were chosen to wear the Sparkling Hat of Cleverness too. Everyone really enjoyed the assembly and it was great to see the students showing initiative and taking responsibility for their learning. 

Secondary News

Natural History Museum Field Trip

On Monday 22 February, Year 7 and 9 students visited the Natural History Museum at Ege University. During this visit the students had the opportunity to explore and achieve a deeper understanding of various natural phenomena such as the creation of the planets, continents, oceans, volcanoes and earthquakes.
Dr Hasozbek, professor of Geology, explained to the students the differences between minerals and rocks, what type of rocks we find in Earth and how are they form. The students also enjoyed a demonstration of a volcano eruption.
Students asked meaningful questions, especially about earthquakes and how to be safe in case one happens.

From the Library

Dear parents:

The Scholastic ISBC Book Club Greenhouse magazines were given to the students last Wednesday. Prices of books in the ISBC Book Club are excellent. Plus, every order you make for you and your child will result in Greenhouse donating free books to our school and classroom libraries. Please have your orders ready by Monday, March 7th. For more information visit our library website at MEFIS library.

From the Parent Council

Dear Parents,

Due to other commitments, Laura Delahay has stepped down as President of Parent Council.  She will remain as an active member and liaison for the new board position holders.  We thank Laura for her commitment to the school!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Sarah Martin.  My family and I have been in Izmir for 8 months. My husband, Nate, and I have two children (Year 8 and 5).  I have previously served with Parent Council in America before our arrival here. I am looking forward to my time here at MEF IS. 

Our new Parent Council board members are:

Sarah Martin- President

Bibi Bade- Vice President

Olivia Kreuttner- Secretary

Kathy Fox- Treasurer

We are all looking forward to serving you!

Thank you,

Sarah Martin

from today's Coffee Morning

From the Counselor

Mindfulness and its benefits

This week I would like to share an article by Dr Craig Hassed, from Monash University, called “The health benefits of meditation and being mindful”. In the link, you can find some passages and the link to the full article, which contains references to other studies and two exercises to support meditation practices, as well as other suggested resources about mindfulness for adults and children. To continue please click here


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