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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - February 10, 2016


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- If your child is attending the Space Camp excursion, please remember to send in the deposit in a sealed envelope labeled with their name and year by Friday, February 19th. For questions, you can contact Miss Sara on .

- Due to examinations in the conference hall, the next Primary Movie Night will be on Friday, March 4th; details will be sent home soon.

Message from the Principal

At this time of the year, planning for next year is already underway, as we recruit new teachers, order new materials and plan schedules. 

To assist with planning for next year, if you have not already done so, may I kindly remind families to return the Intention Form to Ms Alison as soon as possible.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy long weekend, and look forward to welcoming students back on Monday morning.

Primary News

Last Tuesday, February 9th students in Year 1 to Year 6 attended the Primary Science Fair, organized by Mr Ken and Mr Angus. The students rotated through five stations prepared by Ms Julie and Ms Banu, Ms Lynnette, Ms Gail, Mr Ken, Ms Katherine and Mr Alessandro, the Secondary Chemistry teacher. In the Year 1 classroom students used horse shoe magnets to separate a mixture of solids; in the Year 2 classroom they made volcanoes erupt by using vinegar and baking soda; in the Year 3 classroom they explored habitats; in the Year 4 classroom they made electromagnets with nails, copper wire and batteries; in the Year 5 classroom students reconstructed organs of a human body. The best part came when students reached the Secondary Chemistry lab where they assisted to a series of 'Weird Science demonstrations' by Mr Alessandro and they got to wear safety goggles; among the experiments were: making elephant toothpaste, exploring diffusion of food colouring, observe the equilibrium of potassium chromate-diochromate.It was a great afternoon!

Secondary News

Year 10 - 13 Examinations

Trimester examinations for year 11 to 13 will take place from 23 February to 4 March. 

Trimester exams for year 10 will take place from 29 Feb to 4 March. Students have received their examination schedules and should ensure that they have the necessary examination materials.Students taking IGCSE examinations can use translation dictionaries in some subjects. 

From the Counselor

Please find Ms Carol's article The “goals of misbehavior”


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