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MEF International School Izmir Bulletin

Weekly News - December 11, 2015


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Message from the Principal
Winter Fair & Bazaar
Winter Concert Reminder
Primary News
Secondary News
From the Counselor

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Message from the Principal

Continuing the theme of the importance of building community, I would like to extend our thanks to the Parent Council and the Winter Fair Committee for the long hours they have spent in school recently, planning, sorting, wrapping and counting in preparation for tomorrow. They have been working hard to make sure that the whole community of MEF IS Izmir will enjoy tomorrow. 
Please read down below for more details for the Winter Fair and Concert. We look forward to welcoming you to our school. While some events will be indoors, others are in the garden so cuddly layers and woolly socks are recommended!

Winter Fair & Bazaar

Dear Parents 

The Winter Fair / School Concert is nearly here and everybody has been so busy making it happen.  Attached is a list of activities and a food price list to assist you in knowing how much pocket money or small change to bring should you or your children want to participate.  (Many activities also free).  There will also be a selection of great vendors, as well as the Parent Council Santa's Seconds Stall, which will be selling nearly new toys, books, little presents for Mum & Dad/relatives, hand made tree decorations and a selection of wonderful cakes & cookies.  All proceeds from this stall will go to aid the Syrian refugees.

Looking forward to a great turn out tomorrow and more importantly, have fun!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Laura Delahay - President of the Parent Council

Winter Concert Reminder

All students taking part in the concert need to be at school at around 10:00 on Saturday, December 12th, apart from the Hula Club girls who need to arrived at 9:30 am. The concert will start at 10:30 with the R1 to Y 5 performances, and after a 15 minute break, it will continue from 11:15 to 11:45 am with performances from students in Years 3 to 9.

Just a quick reminder about your child's outfit:

Reception 1 and 2 girls: flowery dresses or skirts and tops; shoes or trainers

Reception 1 and 2 boys: flowery shirts/T-shirts; jeans; shoes or trainers

Years 1 to 3 girls: white top; flowery skirts; trainers

Years 1 to 3 boys: white top; jeans; trainers

Years 4 to 9 girls: white top; jeans; trainers

Years 4 to 9 boys: white top; jeans; trainers

Hula Club girls: white top; white top and full mid-calf length skirt

Primary News

Year 5 prepared and performed their Class Assembly on Monday.  The students enjoyed sharing with the students and parents what they had been learning about in class.  They shared information on Fables and acted out one of the students' fables.  For their Science unit on The Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant, they displayed great knowledge and understanding.  The audience liked seeing photos from their experiment on Germination and listening to the poem and song.  The Year 5 students also had a mini quiz at the end for the other students.Thank you to Ms Katherine for organizing the assembly!

Secondary News

Student Council Activity night

On Friday 4th December, The secondary student council organised a social activities night for lower secondary. The activities ınvolved a range of skills and team work. 

Students participated in a general knowledge quiz, a game of celebrity heads, shared pizza together and played a game of dodgeball. 

Many thanks to the student council for the preparation that went into this event.

From the Counselor

University visits with Year 13 and Year 12

This Wednesday the Year 13 and Year 12 students participated on an Educational Excursion, visiting two universities in Izmir. We visited the University of Economics in the morning and the Yaşar University in the afternoon. We were welcomed by their International Office coordinators and they provided us with presentations about the universities and answered students’ questions regarding admissions process and requirements, course selection and major options, scholarships and campus life. We also had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the campuses and visited some classrooms and special labs.

It was a good experience for our upper secondary students to see what real universities look like and prepare for this important next step in their education. Below you can find some pictures of our excursion to University of Economics and Yaşar University Izmir.


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